Friday, March 8, 2013

SFH3's Bay2Blackout

Boston has a marathon, France has a little bicycle ride, and San Francisco? Well, we've got Bay to Breakers! Going into their 102nd year, it only makes sense that the San Francisco Hashers have created an event around this historic footr*ce, and thus may I promote to you: Bay2Blackout!

Now, while I know a fair amount of you are either drunkenly laying by a pool at OCHHHs Betty Ford Rehab event, or tearing through department stores for that perfect ensemble to debut at Portland H3's Green Dress Weekend, just bear with me for a second because May is right around the corner and here's what you have to look forward to at SFH3's Bay2Blackout Weekend:

  • Three days of hashy-trail goodness
  • Three days of drinking yourself into a coma
  • Three days of making residents of the Castro feel like they simply didn't up the ante enough on their costumes
  • Three days of Hashers from around the country and the world!
  • Three days of food and drink discounts at selected venues across the city
  • Costumes
  • Beer
  • Ballbuster Trail
  • Trail for Smart Hashers
  • Pub Crawls
  • After parties
  • Pre-lubes
  • Did I mention trails? Ok, good.
  • Now, what about beer? Did I mention it? Because there will be so. much. beer.

Tickets are on sale now! You can register here.

If that hasn't rustled your jimmies enough into booking a flight and hotel, here's a better breakdown of events and themes:
  • Friday
    • Costumed Hash R*n- Sodomy & Gomorrah!
    • Pub Crawl
    • Dance Party, Dinner, and Beer!
  • Saturday
    • Costume R*n- The Beer Garden of Eden!
    • Ballbuster, Trail OR Pub Crawl
    • Live Music, Dinner, and Beer!
  • Sunday
    • Bay2Blackout Drunken Stumble (surprise beer & shots included)
      • Theme: Noah's Other Ark (we didn't make the cut)
    • Food and Beer!
OK, if you aren't excited now you should visit your physician for a cardiogram because something is terribly wrong with you.

For those of you palpitating a little more than usual right now- take a Xanax and check the links below for information regarding rego, hotels, and more!

Hashpace! (Must be able to LogIn)

Just in case you're the frugal sort who doesn't think a short weekend in San Francisco will satisfy your travel needs, the local Kennels put together an entire WEEK of hashportunities to destroy your liver. Check out this line-up:

5/11 Fog City H3 - Get your day dRUNk on!
5/12 EBH3 - Brave the bridge troll and visit the East Bay!
5/13 SFH3 Tour De Franzia – Two time winner “Best Trail of the Year”
5/14 Barbary Coast H3 - Arrrr ye?
5/15 BARH3 – It’s at a bar, what more do you want?
5/16 Gypsies in the Palace H3 – Anal B2B kickoff with shiggy, Gypsies, and The Bucket!
5/17 5/19 Bay 2 Blackout!
5/20 SFH3 Pink Tutu R*n – Dust off your shame and grab a Tutu!

C U in San Francisco, HEEEEEEEEEY!

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