Thursday, February 14, 2013

10 Reasons to Date a Harriette

If a Harriette has caught your eye but you remain hesitant to take the plunge you should review these 10 Reasons to Date a Harriette and make your decision. Harriettes are an unusual species; they run and drink because they like it. Naturally, you might be a little bit intimidated, so let me attempt to soothe your fears:

  1. Harriettes don’t mind getting dirty or sweaty. This principle is not just limited to running.
  2. You don’t have to get jealous. When she is not hashing with you, she is running and drinking, preparing to run and drink, or recovering from a night running and drinking.
  3. Harriettes love beer. She can probably drinks more beer than you and still looks hot.
  4. Her “running shorts” are smaller than her underwear. If she's even wearing any.
  5. Harriettes have great legs and great butts.
  6. She will attempt to induct you into her kennel (it's not a cult). Yes this is a good reason to date a Harriette; you will become drunker and possibly even a Hasher yourself. It is like dating a personal drinking trainer. Holo Solo stands as a testament to this.
  7. Harriettes can go long and hard or short and fast. Enough said.
  8. “Dressing up” means lending you one of her superfluous red dresses. Harriettes are not “high maintenance”; they don’t take two hours to get ready for LVRDR and they understand that the real showstoppers are the Hashers with matching handbags and stockings. Note: Don’t be surprised if she tries to get you to accessorize.
  9. Harriettes who get you to Hash increase your chances of survival. If there happens to be a zombie apocalypse, she can distract the zombie with checks and false trails until you have made it to the safety of the beer check. If your car breaks down and you are in the middle of the woods, no problem; she laid trail through those woods two weeks ago and knows her way back to civilization (or what remains of it).
  10. Harriettes “do it” better. They are more comfortable with their sexuality and also have more endurance and more blood flow to their vascular tissue (if you know what I'm saying).


  1. This is oh so true on so many levels! Ditto for marrying a harrietter. Or converting an existing wif to a harriette.

  2. Another reason to date a harriette... Gifts themed with booze and bacon. I made this bacon bourbon "bro-quet" for my harrier last night.

    1. That looks amazing. Please send one to me, kthx. :p

  3. Cheese Nips in ATL2/15/13, 9:10 AM

    Love love love this! Great blog -- sharing with all my other hasher friends! On-on!

  4. Heyo from the (now 1 year old, yay) Bangalore Harriettes' Hash!
    LOVE this - and the She's a Harriette website :)
    We are rather more sedate ( barely) in Bangalore :P
    Yes, we are now rocking on, keeping our numbers small but allowing a few awesome men to RUn with us.
    Find us on our (secret) facebook group page - request a friendship with me on "Rare Comer" for entry into
    On On,
    Rare Comer - Grand Mattress