Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Help! A Harriette needs somebody!

Hey there, everyone in Hasherland! OCHHH Harriette, Between the Sheeps, is in need of some half-mind goodwill in a pretty serious way. As we all know, the economy sucks ass, and she's been unable to find a steady job in Orange County. Here's where you come in!

If we can get 230 people to donate a mere $5 to the cause, she can purchase an RV and be housed, mobile and hopefully use these to her advantage and find a steady job in the OC!

Hesitant? Well, if my vouching for her isn't enough, contact Coppertone Bone (cboneh3 (at) aol (dot) com), say wHole Blow Out from LBH3 sent you, and ask for verification.

Feeling charitable? Paypal $5 (that's foregoing one grande soy latte, no foam, extra hot, two pumps caramel, one pump vanilla) to Between The Sheeps aka Melanie Hall,

Let's put our half-minds together and help a Harriette out!

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