Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The /r/running Anywhere 5k

Not unlike the Twitter Road Race this past January, the folks over at Anywhere 5k and the runners of Reddit have gotten together and organized the /r/running Anywhere 5k as a means to celebrating running for the sake of running; without the hassles and hurdles of crack-of-dawn wake ups, registration fees and parking nonsense.

So how do you join? Easy! Follow this link and get going! The /r/running Anywhere 5k is scheduled for May 12-13th and all you have to do is lace up those boots and step out your front door. Once you've completed your run simply tweet  your time and location with the hashtag "#Anywhere5k". Feel like running more than a 5k? Go ahead and log those miles replacing the "5k" of your tweet with the distance accomplished.

For those of you in the Bay Area, why not run your Anywhere 5k with the Fog City Hash House Harriers?

While you're poking around the Anywhere 5k website, take a gander at their homepage and some of the other 5k's they promote such as the Sarah Garcia "Kick Cancer in the Face" Anywhere 5k.


  1. Hey thanks for the post! We're looking forward to the race too! One correction, a finisher form will be made available the Friday before the race along with a race bib. Runners who want their time posted in the final results will need to use the finisher form to submit their time. Thanks again.
    Chris (#Anywhere5K)

    1. Awesome, thank you for the clarification! Can't wait :D