Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hey you! Who me? Awww balls, yeah me.

This is pretty much the epitome of 
I stumbled across this blogpost from Flintland, a fellow runner/drinker (although he favors wine, it's all good) about That Girl at the gym/track/popular running route (you know the one- the girl who isn't svelte and graceful, the one who lumbers along like a tank and perseveres through the workout);  and it struck a chord with me. Yes, this blogger is a multi-marathoner and in no means new to running, but all that aside- I'm still heavy for my size and athleticism. I know this and it is something that, as a runner, I am painfully aware of. Something I have been painfully aware of since my high school years running Varsity Cross Country and Track (you try being the Fat Girl on the team and still running a "slow" 22min race at Mt. SAC). But all that aside, this blog post should be read.  

While no longer being That Girl on the track, the past few months have taught me humility in the face of succumbing to hubris and I found solace and inspiration in this post. Injury and a sick combination of over and under training have taught me the Importance of running those laps while fearing the ridicule and it is my hope that this Canadian's running blog can inspire just one more person to suffer the supposed stares of disdain which are in truth gazes of admiration and respect, and set foot out on that path to becoming the Ultimate Them...lord knows I'm setting out on a similar path myself.

TL;DR- keep running, you wankers!

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  1. I just saw a girl built like a barrel with no neck run a 5k in 18 mins.....not Kenyan time.....she beat quite a few red faced dudes.