Thursday, March 8, 2012

Culture Corner with Dr. Fraustus - You're so fly

Dearest readers, I am always in favor of a little R&D* and the idea that time, investment, and perseverance can bring great human advancement. Today I'd like to share Nike's latest running shoe collection, Flyknit, which is the product of Nike's Innovation Kitchen.

The Flyknit shoes are, according to this article, the product of years of research and development, collaboration, and the willingness of Nike to spend some money on creating new fabrication methods.

Nike also created this short video to introduce the shoe that is simultaneously awesome and kind of creepy**.

While I wouldn't put this particular marvel on the same pedestal as, say, GPS***, I think it will make a marked difference for competitive distance runners, and, as the years go by, the general consumer. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like a shoe that doesn't weigh a ton?

* I also enjoy a little R&B as well, but that post will have to wait for another time.
** Tendons, really?!
*** Thanks U.S. Defense Department!

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