Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Operation Find Bloody A-hole

As many of you probably know, Las Vegas Hash House Harrier Bloody A-hole, nerd name Ronald Kirk, was reported missing on Monday, January 22, 2012. He was last seen on January 16th and last heard from on January 17th via a text message in which he stated a desire to go hiking. 

His red JEEP wrangler was located in the parking lot at Calico Basin late Monday night and yesterday morning hashers from Sin City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Long Beach spent tireless hours on trail in search of our friend.

After an unsuccessful aerial search performed Monday night and part of the day Tuesday, the investigation was transferred to Metro Missing Persons. The POC is Detective Roberto Juarez (  The detectives are also keeping an eye on facebook traffic; police and hashers alike ask that Ron's page is used as the central update spot. In doing so, Detective Juarez impresses upon people to be mindful of the difference between a 'lead' versus a 'fact' when sharing information. Ron's page is public, anyone can see it (i.e. media) so speak tentatively and avoid spreading misinformation. Encourage all new leads to contact the detective via e-mail.

Volunteers at Calico Basin, 1/24/12
This morning at 8am, volunteers from several Las Vegas based hiking groups met with the Hashers at Calico Basin once again to expand their search past the standard hiking trail, into storm drains, caves, tunnels, shiggy or anywhere else he may have gotten to. In order to lessen the possibility of covering the same terrain repeatedly, and as a means of hopefully giving our friend something to follow home, they will be marking the trails with chalk and flour.

If you are in/around/near the Las Vegas area and have the time, your help would be greatly appreciated. Currently, the Hashers have set-up a base camp at Calico Basin and are maintaining a strict roster of people on trail.Those not comfortable with hiking the trails are welcome to help out with first aid for the Search & Rescue, general go-fering, helping with food and water, maintaining maps and upholding communications as the area is known for it's bad cellphone reception.

Below is the flier they will be handing out to hikers and posting in the Calico Basin area:
Media coverage for Ronald Kirk:

Godspeed, Brother Hasher.



    Made some great discoveries yesterday and have narrowed the area of our search. Found his signature on a registry on one of the peaks near the parking lot. Please show up and help if you can!!!

    Friday Search Info:

    0800 show, leave between 0800 and 0830.

    Meet at “base camp”: Calico Basin dirt parking lot before the Red Rock Conservation Area entrance. Turn at Calico Basin road, drive ALL the way (don’t go into Red Springs) to the end of the residential area and you will see the cars and people.

    Water, snacks
    Flashlight (you never know)
    Radios if you have them (might be helpful for base camp comm.)
    Proper attire and gear for terrain and weather conditions
    A pen to mark your map (we will have some maps at base camp).

    -Groups of 2 or 3…NO solo searchers.
    -Back in by 1530 (3:30pm)…no searching after sunset.
    -Find out where we HAVEN’T searched yet before you go…try to keep the search efficient.
    -CHECK IN at the roster before you start searching, and then…
    -CHECK OUT when you leave!!! Or we will blow up your phone with calls/texts and then call the police.

    Thanks again to everyone that’s helping with searching, providing food/beverages, donating time and money, giving rides, giving crash space, spreading the word, passing info, and even just offering up thoughts and prayers. YOU ARE ALL HELPING IMMENSLY!!!