Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Culture Corner with Dr. Fraustus - Run Fwd: The Global Ekiden Relay

Dearest readers, I have a declaration of love to make. I simply cannot get enough of Wieden+Kennedy's glorious, long-time relationship with Nike. It is, to sound like the heroine of a bad romance novel, swoon-worthy. One of the many things I love about it is that the campaigns are simultaneously global and local at the same time - each W+K office works together, yet independently to produce work for the audience they're trying to reach. Such is the case with the following W+K Tokyo advertisement, which is part of the larger, global Nike+ campaign.

I was initially drawn to the advertisement below because of its simplicity - beautiful shots of running environments, simple copy, good audio - and then I googled the "Global Ekiden Relay" mentioned at the end. Dear readers, the Japanese are on to something quite fascinating - Ekiden. I shall let the all-knowing Wikipedia illuminate you further, but first, enjoy this lovely, simple advertisement.

Kicked off on January 4th, the Global Ekiden Relay ("eki" from the Japanese word for "place", and "den" which means "destination"), the relay covers the distance of a marathon (26.2mi/42.1km) shared between 6 runners, each runner passing off the baton- a digital Tasuki Sash sent via email invitation.

To read more about this Ekiden Global Relay, check out this article on PopSop.com
Even better, you can join the race HERE.

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